Dance Film Investigation



Dance, an art that is intrinsic to humanity, and that fulfills us as human beings, is a mystery that could seduce any sensitive spirit.  Observing it with the obsessive eyes of a lover who, by getting to know the object of his love, gets to know himself better, in an attempt to decipher her mysteries, I started to investigate, locking myself in for days to talk to my lover, discover her body, which it was three forms:  Athletic, Picnic, and Leptosomatic, and each showed me a temper like serpent: Choleric, Sanguine, Melancholic and Lymphatic.


Is there an unique kind of body for dancing? Are our tools, that is to say our bodies, the same towards the same dance?, towards the same choreography? What kind of dance does each body express? Do all the kinds of dance correspond to the same kind of body? What do each body gives to other kinds of bodies in dance?

Dance Temperament.

These are my questions, so that I propose the documentary that collects the process of investigation “Dance Temperament”, through the interviews to more than 40 dancers of all specialties in dance. I think over if the body and the tendencies in expressivity in dance are related to each other.

Maybe at the moment of breaking with the classic dance, the contemporary has developed an only type of structure. In this thinking unique and dual we loose the plurality of the diversity of all the bodies, demanding them all to go through the same way, but, how many ways can we open that are still unexplored? This investigation proposes the future in dance.

The documentary bets for the self-expression of more than forty dancers that in a free and improvised way show us their ideal kind of dance. Recognizing that there are at least four main groups, that are gathered in four main anatomic typologies that, as amphoras, they act like containers of the esence of dance.

This way the documentary takes the spectator to think over about the natural container, each body, in dance. At the same time it tries to make the people to see that the result is:

The body matters.”


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