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Its movement displays the extremities. Move from joints. The image of her dance respect the form its lines, the extremities move (arms, legs and neck), in an attempt to structure their world outside. They have ability to dissociate the body in their movement. Tend to hunch, to close he shaft, make round inwards. They are very mental and creative, high resistance to stress. They tend to slow and dense motion, wuth great depth and presence and concetration in the no motion. With great inner strength, resulting a blank stare, not empty.
Building an intimate dance world, preferring a small space.
Their mental and spitirual world not easily makes contact with the outside, wich brings him into contact sometimes confusión or absurdity, leading to a world of special humor.
Breathing manifest in the dance. Sense of spitituality and elevation or being in another dimensión.Approach a drawing of ballet, the Butoh, or the contemporary dance, limiting the ripple turns and slides to the floor.